Life Updates!

It’s been about a week since I’ve posted – a week of sneezing and headaches and doctor visits and antibiotics, but now I feel much better & can’t wait to get back into reviewing books! Woo woo!

Exciting news from last week: I moved back into my dorm room out in the Midwest, and thankfully escaped Snowmageddon 2016…but it still hit my boyfriend’s house in DC, and he has to shovel tomorrow morning. I have no idea how anyone in our neighborhood is going to get their cars free without shoveling the entire, ridiculously narrow street we live on. Best of luck to those brave souls.

Awesome updates for right now: Speaking of the boyfriend, we found out today that we’ll have a place to live in May! It’s been pretty stressful trying to find an apartment that will take 2 cats and a guinea pig, but we managed to score a lease that fits all of our needs for the time being in McLean, VA. Y’all wouldn’t believe how hard it is trying to find a job at a library even with library experience, but here’s hoping somewhere out there will be hiring for the summer.

What’s in store for this week: We’ve got a review of The Night Circus on the way, plus a joint review of Magic Burns and the Amazon audiobook service Audible, which I used on the 5-hour drive back to Ohio. (Thanks, free trial!)

Stay tuned for next month: I recently purchased a one-month gift certificate for Uppercase Box, which is a monthly lootcrate service that delivers Young Adult novels and awesome bookish tokens right to your front door. The February boxes ship on the 15th, so around the end of the month you all will see the super rad things that are inside and maybe consider purchasing a subscription for yourself! It’s a little on the pricey side, which is why I’m only doing it for a month right now. I am extremely excited to see what it’s like. Yay reading!




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