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March Updates!

Wow guys, I’m really sorry I’ve been absent for a few weeks — it’s been rough here on the home front, with two funerals back to back, moving into a new place, and having a killer amount of catch-up work to do at school for all the time I’ve missed. I’ve been listening to a helluva lot of audiobooks, and have had some wonderful bookish additions come my way thanks to the wonderful folks at Uppercase Box. Here’s what’s in store for this month:

  • Uppercase Box unveiling! I was absolutely delighted with my February box, and the March box ships on the 15th, hopefully arriving right after Easter.


From the Uppercase Box website: the February box! You’ll see my own picture when I write my review of Starflight. Stay tuned! 

  • Book Tags! I’m falling behind on these too, but I’m excited to work through them all. Shoutout to those who’ve tagged me, you all are wonderful and awesome.

All in all, I hope it will be a great month, and I hope everyone else’s are going just as well. ❤


2 thoughts on “March Updates!

  1. Just looking at the picture of the books you read this month made my book-loving heart jump for joy. I want to read all of those books right now!! The only one I hadn’t heard of before was Starflight. Your picture of it is sooooo good! I wish I could take pictures like that, but I am apparently photography-impaired.


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