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April Updates

Hey y’all, happy April! I hope this rainy season is treating you well. I’m currently on the East Coast getting ready to celebrate the big 2-0 with my other half, and reading plenty of new books while I’m here. I’m currently working on Neil Gaiman’s Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances audiobook (narrated by none other than Neil himself), and although his short stories typically take me a lot longer than his novels to get through, this collection in particular had me crawling under the covers with the lights on after one story and tearing up in emotion during another. I highly recommend giving it a shot, and if you have a chance to pick up the audiobook, it makes the entire thing come to life all that much more.

Like the short blurb above, one of the things I will be kickstarting this month is a Mid-Week Mini Review series, starting this coming Wednesday, and these will typically be books I either liked but couldn’t think of more than a paragraph to say about it, or books I didn’t like and oftentimes had to skim to finish. They will be shorter and less detailed than my regular reviews, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

So, what full-length reviews are in store for this month? Well, I still need to post my reviews of Daughter of Smoke and Bone and A Thousand Pieces of You from last month…sorry for the delay! As far as new books go, you’ll be seeing lengthy reviews of Dumplin’The Rest of Us Just Live HereNot If I See You FirstThe Dark Days Club, and the mystery April Uppercase Box book, due April 19th.

Other ideas in store to possibly be implemented this month: Audiobook reviews (starting with DOSAB) and series reviews (3-4 book series, all gathered together in one review – likely starting with The Raven Cycle.) Stick around if you see any books you like, and if you have read any truly amazing books this year so far that you’d like to recommend me to review, comment down below. I’m always looking for new books to read. 🙂

Happy blogging!

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