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Mid-Week Mini Review: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

Happy Wednesday, y’all! This is something I’ve been meaning to start for a little while, although these reviews will be much shorter and typically feature my unpopular opinion about some of the most popular books this season.

January saw the rise of Truthwitch, a high fantasy tale of two young witches who just want to be free. This unlikely duo has the strong female friendship that so many books nowadays are missing out on, with these two badass witches fighting hard to keep their other half safe. Add in the beginnings of a nasty war, plus a terrifying Guildmaster and his ruthless Bloodwitch bodyguard close on their heels, and you just know this is going to get intense faster than you can say “Threadsisters.”

I’ve seen a lot of people remark, “this reminded me why I read fantasy!” Truthfully, in my case, the same reasoning is exactly why I don’t read a lot of fantasy. Deeply confusing dialogue and storylines made the plot hard to grasp, and there was way too much going on all at once that we’re thrown right into the middle of. Most of what happens is shocking only because it makes absolutely zero sense, and I just didn’t care enough about the characters to stay in tune with the struggles and strife of their mission. For me, even the excellence of Iseult & Safi’s back-to-back combat style couldn’t keep me hooked. Too much fluff and not enough explanations made a potentially incredible read into a dizzying ride I was eager to get off of.

I’m not sure if I gave quite as much attention to this book as I could have, so I may try to pick it up again in the future before the sequel comes out. However, it’ll probably sit on the backburner of my to-reread shelf for a least a little while, especially with some of my favorite series continuations Fire Touched and The Raven King jumping onto my “read immediately” shelf in the near future. Honest as a Truthwitch, it just seems like me and this book are not meant to be.


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