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Cover Review: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

I thought about putting this book up as a Mini Review, but I honestly couldn’t think of even a paragraph of objective things to say about Delirium. It originally came out back when Divergent became huge, and dystopian novels started to pop up everywhere, in the hands of all of my closest friends as a high school freshman. Compared to my other top reads of 2012 (when I actually told my friends, yes, I will finally read these books, if only to shut you all up) this book was painfully mediocre. Boring, really. The MC was a flaky, trembling damsel in distress, and didn’t grow in any productive way throughout the entire book. Props to her for making up her mind and not crying over a boy at the end, but like, come on. I was so bored the entire time. I could have a more interesting conversation with my dining room table than with her. Maybe Pandemonium is better, or at least not as mind-numbing, but I never bothered to find out. Let me know if you think I should; in the meantime, a cover review.

Despite how valiantly this book tried to make me fall asleep at my forementioned dining room table, the alternative covers were quite stunning. Pick out your favorites from the ones listed below, or share another that I may have missed on my original Goodreads search! In no particular order… 

#1. HarperCollins alt cover 


What a gorgeous right side of a white girl face! Too bad the inside of the book wasn’t this captivating.

#2. Hodder (UK editions) 

There were actually two covers published by Hodder, which I found interesting if a little bit like, why? But beyond that, I think the second one is a bit better than the first – Lena looks like a 12 year old girl in the left one, but the imagery is lovely in the second, and I am a personal fan of silhouettes.

#3. Carlsen (German edition) 


I am a huge fan of the way “Liebe” is written all over the cover, the same way it was written all over the [spoiler removed]. She also doesn’t look 12 – another huge plus in my book.

#4. Penerbit Mizan Fantasi (Indonesian edition) 


I’d pick this up in a heartbeat. It actually looks compelling, like an action-dystopian novel similar to Hunger Games. The color contrast is particularly striking, and immensely compelling.

#5. The House of Books (Dutch edition) 


I can’t seem to make the cover any bigger, but I really found this one beautiful in an ethereal and slightly disturbing way. Truer to the book for the lack of action on the cover.

#6. Enthusiast (Bulgarian cover) 


Spooky in a Miss Peregrine type of way. The way she is shadowed in gray is also slightly creepy. Is this a horror book or a YA dystopia? We don’t know!

#7. Otwarte (Polish edition) 


And we’re back to white girls with only half of a profile. It would probably look even better if her ear wasn’t ridiculously blurry, though in light of this being 5 years old I can’t judge too harshly. The shadowing on the water is a nice touch.

What do you think? Best, worst, ugly, stunning? Let me know in your comments. Happy blogging!


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