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June Updates!

Man, where has the time gone? I can’t believe it’s already summer – though the heat in DC isn’t fooling anyone who would rather believe otherwise. I just got back from visiting my mom in New England, as well as the incredible Book Barn that I talked about a few months ago. I can’t imagine living in a town that doesn’t have a used bookstore somewhere nearby. I picked out some of the best books they had displayed and took a photo, but the picture is nothing compared to the magic inside each one of those novels. Expect some reviews coming up of these books in the next couple of months, starting with An Ember in the Ashes tonight or tomorrow.

We’ve seen some pretty incredible staples in YA literature released this year, and my reading list of June is filled with top books from the past 6 months. Some fantastic standalones and series starters include The Star-Touched QueenThe Forbidden WishKill The Boy Band, and If I Was Your Girl. A lot of the books I’m reviewing are heavily praised, but also heavily critiqued, and I’m eager to see how I fit into some of the most mixed reviews I’ve seen all year. I’ve also planned to slip some older books in there, such as Marcelo in the Real World and The Orphan Queen. (Okay, not super old, but definitely ones y’all have seen before.)

I’ve been slacking something fierce on my Urban Fantasy reviews, so you will definitely see some more of those this month: I just finished up the audiobook for Cry Wolf, and (believe it or not) found a brand-new copy of The Aeronaut’s Windlass for $7 at a local thrift store. If I can find the time, I’d love to reread Guilty Pleasures & On the Edge for reviews, but no promises this month. Some other long-term favorites are Storm Front & Succubus Blues, and I’ve got Rosemary and Rue & Angel’s Blood (another Book Barn find!) sitting high atop my to-read shelf at the moment. If you can think of any other Urban Fantasy books I should check out, let me know in the comments! Happy blogging.

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