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Thanks so much to Clémence at Clemi’s Bookish World for tagging me in this original book tag! I was tagged back in August, but I’ve been so tied up with out-of-blog concerns that I almost forgot all about this. The rules are pretty simple: answer the questions, tag whomever you want, and enjoy!

NARNIA – A magical world you would like to visit


Velaris, the Court of Dreams, from A Court of Mist and Fury. I just finished rereading the book for the second time, and Velaris never fails to absolutely take my breath away. There is such unparalleled love and beautiful, pure goodness there. It feels so real when you’re reading, like a dream you wish you didn’t have to wake up from. If I could live in a city like this, I know I would find peace for the rest of my days.


THE MAGICIAN’S NEPHEW – A book you think is underrated


I honestly don’t know anyone else who has read this besides me and my mom, who recommended it to me. I couldn’t put it down when I read it, and I actually dropped it in the bathtub because I was reading it while I was supposed to be washing my baby sister. It’s an odd and unsettling post-apocalyptic novel, but totally worth picking up.

THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE – A classic that you love


In the movie version of The Reduced Shakespeare Company, Austin makes a joke referring to Ovid’s Metamorphoses, “which are hysterically funny…” and no one laughs, because no one except him in that audience has read it, and then everyone laughs at his expression. WELL, years after I watched it for the first time, I took a Classical Mythology class where we read Ovid’s Metamorphoses. They are indeed hysterically funny.


THE HORSE AND HIS BOY – A book you picked up without knowing what it was about


I didn’t know anything about this book before I was sent an eARC version a few months before it came out. It is, without a doubt, my favorite book of 2016.

PRINCE CASPIAN – A sequel that you loved


I’m really glad my roommate came back to our dorm after I had finished rereading this book, because not only had I read it while sobbing into a box of donuts, but then I spent the last handful of chapters literally screeching from what was going down. Screeching. Like a banshee. It was glorious.

THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER – A quest you’d like to be a part of


The questing is strong in this one! I loved how much the characters, world, and story as a whole grew in this sequel, and I would be positively over the moon if given the chance to join them on their mission. Alternate history books are soooo cool. 

THE SILVER CHAIR – A book you didn’t expect to love


I was feeling pretty sick of paranormal romance when I picked this book up. I had gotten a lot of mediocre books as gifts from my grandmother, and while I love that we have the same taste in literature, there was a lot of trash I had to wade through to get to something I genuinely enjoyed. This was that book. If you’re a fan of PNR, I totally recommend it. If you just want a fluffy book that tugs lightly on your heartstrings when you realize you like the characters more than you ever expected to, this book is for you, too.

THE LAST BATTLE – A perfect ending to a series you love

Don’t make me choose, please! I had heaving sobs coming out of me at the endings of each. Utter perfection, all of them.

THE PEVENSIES – A siblinghood of friendship you’d love to be a part of


Even though I’m not a huge fan of Jane Austen, I’d love to live with these sisters who are so different but fit so well together in a siblinghood to rival all others.

EUSTACE SCRUBB – A character who grew on you


I didn’t like Felicity until about the third book in this series. Her whole dynamic within the group rubbed me the wrong way for a while, but the development of her character and the relationship with everyone else in particular made her one of my all-time favorite characters in young adult literature.

MR. TUMNUS – Your favorite mystical creature

Cerberus, the Hound of Hades. I think Hades’ dog is my favorite mythical creature because of Skin Game by Jim Butcher, where Harry finds out that Hades basically named his dog Spot. I giggled for days.

CASPIAN – A character with regal qualities


Say what you will, but I firmly believe that Shahrzad makes an excellent Calipha of Khorasan. She only gets better as time goes on, yet makes it clear from the very beginning that she isn’t simply a girl who can spin stories, but a ruler with the heart of a lion who truly cares about her people.

THE WARDROBE – Your favorite hideout/place to read

When I was living at home, my mom’s friend had this massive blue rocking sofa that he was willing to give me before he moved, and I love it to pieces for how perfect it is as a reading nook. Right now I don’t have any space for it in my apartment, but I typically read on the love seat in the living room with my cat curled up next to my legs.

Let me know what you think of my answers, and what your own answers would be! 

I tag:

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10 thoughts on “The Narnia Book Tag

  1. Ohhh wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in Velaris? When I was reading ACOMAF, I couldn’t help wishing it was a real place. Really want to re-read that book soon, I’m so in love with it. Alsooo I sobbed a lot at the ending of Clockwork Princess too. Thanks so much for tagging me – as I was reading this, I was thinking ‘I want to do this one’, then I got to the end and saw you tagged me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for the tag, and I loved reading your answers as well. I definitely agree with you on Velaris. It sounded like such a gorgeous place in the book I wish I had the ability to travel there just so I could experience it myself, also I agree on the fact that ACOMAF is a brilliant sequel, I loved it so much more than the first book and now I can’t wait for the third! 😀
    There are so many endings to series I could pick for that question but I love the three you picked, granted I haven’t read The Infernal Devices yet but I loved the way The Rose and the Dagger ended, I thought it was perfect for Shazi and Khalid’s story!
    Thanks again for the tag, I can’t wait to get around to this one myself. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really like The Metamorphosis by Ovid, I haven’t read it completely yet but what I have read I enjoyed a lot. I seriously LOVE The Infernal Devices and the ending was amazing as well, it’s definitely one of my favourites as well.
    Thank you for tagging me! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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