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Three Days, Three Quotes – Day 3

Whoops, I almost forgot day three of this tag, LOL. I had a very busy weekend, however I came home today to a massive pile of library books waiting for me, so there will hopefully be lots and lots of reviews coming up soon. I’m so excited to read all the books I’ve picked out.


I chose this quote for multiple reasons: not only because I adore Mor with everything my cold, dead heart can offer, but also because this is something I have to remind myself almost every day. I recently took two weeks off of school to go see my sister and call CPS on her mom and our dad when I realized that even though I got out of the cycle of familial abuse I grew up with, she was still trapped and suffering just as much as I was, but without me there as a buffer any more. On my better, less extremely stressful days, I still struggle with severe anxiety because of my past experiences. Mor isn’t lying when she says that even now, years and years later, the pain never truly goes away. Some days are definitely better than others: days when I can get out of bed, when I don’t have a single panic attack, when I get all of my work done on time, when I eat dinner and shower and get in bed and actually fall asleep instead of staring at the ceiling until it becomes too unbearable to sit in the dark alone. This is a quote I want to get tattooed on my body that I can look at as a reminder when things get rough. I can’t let the hard days win.

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