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October Wrap-Up + November TBR

I’ve been messing around with formatting a little bit, and while I figured out how to make some fine looking Featured Images, I can’t seem to get banners that I like in the right places that I want them in for this blog. It’s a bit of trial and error, but I’m hoping I’ll figure it out when I’m a little less busy.

October was a pretty great month for me: I took an indefinite hiatus from blogging over the summer, and didn’t do much when September rolled around, so this is the first time in a while that I actually have something to talk about that shows I actually made some progress. I’ve got high hopes for November, the biggest one a hope that I can keep up this good streak and hopefully be more involved with the blogging community than I’ve been in the past.

What I Read This Month:

All of these books were 3 stars and above! I plan on having reviews of all but two of these up next month. I found that I typically read a lot faster than I can write, so all of the reviews I’ve posted this month (with the exceptions of my late ARC reviews) are books I read in September. I’m going to see if this trend continues through November, and maybe work on it if it seems like a problem.

My favorite: Honestly, you can’t beat any Ilona Andrews book, but out of the 3 I read this month, Magic Binds takes the cake for being likely the duo’s best work to date.

What I Reviewed This Month:

Take a look through my October 2016 tag to see all of my reviews! I enjoyed the majority of the books I reviewed this month, although there were a handful of disappointments amongst the truly great novels. I suppose with any genre you have to dig through some trash to get to the real treasure. There was definitely some real treasure here that I greatly anticipate seeing a repeat of in next month’s reviews.

My favorites: A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn and Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas not only took the cake, but stole the cake from my personal stash and then snuck off together to eat it without me. I love that WordPress put them together in the middle and made them all big because that’s truly representative of how incredible they were to read and review.

What I’m Reading Next Month:

I’m actually currently reading 7 of these, because obviously I am a silly person who thinks they can handle being in the middle of seven different books all at the same time from different genres. Luckily it’s not going too badly, and most of these I am SUPER excited to really dig my teeth into. I plan on having reviews up for some of them before the month is out…really hope I can keep that promise!

Most looking forward to: Empire of Storms. Is this even a question?

How did your month go? What do you plan on reading in November? Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Link me to your Wrap-Up and/or TBR posts below! Happy blogging! 



2 thoughts on “October Wrap-Up + November TBR

    1. The Raven Cycle was absolutely fantastic. I need to get around to reviewing those books again. I tried listening to the audiobook, but I’m not super keen on Will Patton’s voice, so I’ll just grab it from the library again when I have time. I hope you enjoy The Reader! 🙂


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