Life Update

[Photo: Family pet portrait! From left to right: Harley, Ivy, and Phobos.]

It’s kind of amazing that I haven’t posted for about a week, and I still managed to gain a follower a day since my last post, so I want to start by saying thanks to all of you who follow me and regularly comment with kinds words and insight on the books I’ve been reading. I really appreciate you all so much. I didn’t make a post for Thanksgiving (or at all really this past week) because I’ve been surrounded by family and friends with a surprising lack of time available to even open my computer, so now that the last stragglers are finally heading home, I want to say thanks to this awesome blogging community that I am so thankful to be a part of. These past 11 months have been absolutely incredible, and I am thankful for all of the support I’ve gotten while I was figuring everything out in the beginning, inspiration from other bloggers to keep going even after not writing for a solid month, and the genuine, thought-provoking messages and budding friendships I have with several of you here. Keeping up with this blog has helped me grow as a reader and writer in so many ways, and I’m thankful just to have it exist in my life. Thank you so much!

On a sadder note, I did get some rough news this morning: my ancient crone of a black cat and lifelong companion Phobos passed away late last night. We adopted her and her twin Deimos when they were 3 weeks old, from the local animal shelter in Warwick, Rhode Island that my parents lived near when I was three years old. Thanks to divorce, remarriage, and the Navy, Phobos has traveled more than most humans, moving along with my mom and I to Rhode Island, Hawaii, Maine, Georgia, and Connecticut in her 18 years of life. Phobos outlived both her brothers, although she wasn’t ever the same after the younger one passed away several years ago. The nice thing about it is she got more cuddly as she aged, and routinely snuggled up to me and my two younger siblings at night for company. She had the loudest meow known to man, made even louder recently when she fell deaf and could no longer hear herself beg for kitty treats and cuddles. She’s been skin and bones with missing teeth and patchy, smelly fur for the past couple years, but I’m thankful that she held on until after my family got back from Florida yesterday morning. She spent the whole day being held (she got mad if my mom set her down for even a second) and spoiled with treats and love. Phobos, you old bat you, I’ll miss you so much.

Positive thoughts: I’m halfway done with my review for Empire of Storms, which will likely be my first post for December, and before then I’ve got a Top Ten Tuesday post + a Mid-Week Mini Review and my November Wrap-Up + December TBR. If I can squeeze a blogger award or a book tag in there somewhere, I definitely will. Please continue to tag me in things because even though I’m a little behind with them at the moment, I love answering those questions and it definitely makes writer’s block more bearable. All of my love to you guys!

– Diana ❀


17 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Oh, no; the loss of a pet can be awful. Hopefully you and your family are taking it well, and I’m so glad that she spent her last day being smothered with love. That’s the best way to say goodbye, for sure.

    Congrats on all the new followers! You deserve them all, and a whole lot more. =D

    Can’t wait for all the posts coming up!

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