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January Wrap-Up + Book Haul

January was pretty swell for me in terms of blogging, especially considering I met my goal of posting at least 4/7 days a week every week since the year started. I got started on my #ReadDiverseBooks challenge a little late this year, but I’ve made some great progress with that as well! And of course, I promised I would do a book haul post, because I did get a decent amount of books for Christmas + some awesome book mail in the past month as well.

Books I Read This Month

I read a total of 10 books this month, which isn’t bad, but it is still less than my goal for this month was. I plan on reading 150 books this year, so I’d like to read about 12-15 books every month from now on to make sure I meet that goal.

Challenge Updates


So far: 5/50 (posts, not just reviews) | Goal for 2/31/17: 12/50


So far: 2/50 | Goal for 2/31/17: 10/50


So far: 4/36 | Goal for 2/31/17: 8/36

Book Haul

Alright, now we’re gonna do the fun part. I got a number of really awesome books in December & January, and I did my best to get quality pictures of all of them.

I am SO HAPPY that I own this beautiful book, and I have some super amazing friends who bought me The Night Court room spray and The House of Mist bookish candle! Raquel just added a TON of new scents to her website, so check them out here!

The only new one out of this bunch is Queen of Shadows, but look how nice it looks!! I couldn’t resist taking a picture of all of them together. I’m super excited for Empire of Storms to be released in paperback in September, so my collection will be complete~


Many, many thanks to Amanda MacGregor for sending me this copy of History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera! It’s so gorgeous and I am super excited to read it!

These are both from my Gran-Jan, and they each came with these personalized notes that were really sweet since she couldn’t come up for Christmas like she originally planned.

This was a gift from a friend of my partner, since they helped her pack up her house to move to Massachusetts. And now it’s mine, haha.

These were gifts from my parents since me & Charlie just finished playing the video game on the PS2. I’m hoping to get Persona 5 for them for their birthday in April, but these are definitely great reads in the meantime.

Fun fact: I didn’t edit this photo at all. That artwork is so detailed and poignant. I love it.

So yeah! That’s my wrap-up post. I’ll be posting a February TBR shortly, if I can get it together before I go to work tonight. Gotta love Wednesdays. Link your own wrap-up in the comments below if you’d like! I’d love to see how your month went.


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