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February Wrap-Up + Book Haul

Happy March, everybody! Gosh, I am so late on this…I had a pretty rough week, with my father-in-law getting diagnosed with Parkinsonism and having to take him to the neurologist and physical therapy 4 days this week (he’s in good spirits about it; he’s 82 and has a fantastic memory!) plus, I got a new job! I’m a customer service rep for gc2b, a binder-making company based out of Maryland. It’s really fun and I love everyone I work with. We get Busboys & Poets on Mondays so I am very much looking forward to the start of my work week. But beyond that, I’ve been reading a ton, mostly audiobooks this past month thanks to all the driving I’ve had to do. I’ve gotten through the entire Kate Daniels series in audio and I’m working through her Edge saga right now, so I’ll be posting reviews of those this month, plus the audio for Six of Crows, which I don’t have any review of at the moment! Very excited for what’s coming up 😀

This month I read…

I’ll have reviews for most of these up very soon. The ARCs already have their own links; click to see what I thought! ♥

What I hauled…in graphic novels

My partner got some gift cards from my grandma + my parents for Christmas, so we finally took some time to swing by the nearest Barnes & Noble and use those suckers on a sweet deal from Image Comics for their 25th anniversary celebration! We’ve also been on the hunt for Wayward vol. 3 since last June so it was a huge sigh of relief to finally see it in person. I really don’t know why we didn’t just order it online. Neither of us do a lot of online shopping; I think we just like the weight of books in our arms.

What I hauled…in novels

It was SO AMAZING to meet V. E. Schwab in Washington, D.C. last weekend and have her sign my copy of A Conjuring of Light! I also have By Your Side, ScytheThe Education of Margot Sanchez, and And I Darken signed, and gosh do they look gorgeous on my bookshelf. I had low lighting today so I’m not as pleased with my photos this time as last time, but I’ve been gazing at all of these adoringly since I got them (especially Dead Heat. First time in paperback, #swoon)

What’s next for me in March…

I have a list of books I desperately need to get to, mostly because I have overdue charges on my library card (whoops!) but also because I’ve been in a slump for a little while. What you can expect to see from me this month:

  • More books from my #BeattheBacklist & #ReadDiverseBooks2017 challenges
  • More audiobook reviews
  • More urban fantasy reviews
  • A consistent Mid-Week Mini Review
  • At least one discussion post (hopefully! It’s been a long time coming!)

What are you planning for this month? How is your month going so far? Let me know in the comments below! Happy blogging, y’all! 


7 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up + Book Haul

  1. Your February book haul is amaaazing. Scythe, The Education of Margot Sanchez, And I Darken, and ACOL are all on my TBR. I won an ebook of AID recently so fingers crossed I’ll have the chance to read it within the next couple months. Also really glad to see that you liked Under Rose-Tainted Skies! It’s one of my favorites so I get really excited when I see other people reading and enjoying it, haha. 🙂

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  2. I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of The Education of Margot Sanchez – it was on my list for February but I ran out of time, so I’m hoping to fit it in later this year. I have a good feeling about March and I hope everything goes well for you!


  3. Great recap for last month Diana, and great book haul as well. I finished A Conjuring of Light last week so I really hope you love it, it’s an amazing end to the series and oh it’s wonderful you managed to get your book signed by V.E. Schwab as well. Crooked Kingdom is brilliant as well, and I still need to get around to Scythe and The Education of Margot Sanchez but I’ve heard good things about both so I’m sure they’ll each be well worth picking up.
    Seems like you had a great February, I hope your March is just as amazing.


  4. I read Piecing Me Together in February, as well! I’ve also been wanting to read Dreadnaught, so I’m happy to see the four star rating! …Sorry to hear about your father in law. That’s terrible.

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