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WWW Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! This is a little later than usual because I had such a busy day (with lots of good news!) but there was an interesting pattern here when it comes to how little I’ve read recently, but how much I plan to read very, very soon. As always, WWW Wednesday is fantastic weekly returning topic created by the sweetest summer squash Sam over at Taking on A World of Words.  ❤

The 3 W’s:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading

So technically, I’m not currently reading anything. I’m about 100 pages into ACOL and I stopped reading it for god knows what reason (other books got in the way? Life did? It’s on my shelf and I’m looking at it, and there’s a bookmark peeking out, but I know I haven’t touched it since I got it signed. Like a HEATHEN.) I’m also reading American Gods, but again, the only part I’ve read is the introduction. What is wrong with me?! Hopefully I get back into the reading groove soon.

Recently Finished


I finally finished this after looking at it on my bookshelf for almost 2 months! I’m planning on writing a review of it soon – I already have a bunch of great stuff written down that I just have to turn into a few paragraphs, and I will be all set. Plus, it made for a beautiful photo shoot – that art is really quite something.

Up Next

I’m hyperventilating. I’m so ready, but I’m so not. I’m buddy reading ACOWAR with my roommate (who is amazing for getting me into SJM, I love you friend, you’re the greatest) and I will surely find someone to buddy read White Hot with me because I’m already dead just thinking about how close we are, finally, to release day. *flails*

Have you read any of these? What did you think? Link your own WWW Wednesday in the comments below to compare books!

One thought on “WWW Wednesday

  1. I’m not reading anything also. And I’m dying to do it, I really miss it. But I’ve been so engrossed into writing and work that there is no time left. But there is hope for both of us 😉


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