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Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books of 2017 So Far

Happy Tuesday! Even though I’ve been absent from blogging for a while, I haven’t stopped reading since the start of the year, and I had over a hundred books to choose from for this Top 10 Tuesday this week. As always, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the enchanting library sirens over at The Broke and the Bookish.

Best Books of 2017 (So Far)

→ Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera

I’ll never stop talking about this book, but I get a pass for this post because it was one of the first books I read this year and just about killed me with how amazing it was. I would even say it’s my second favorite book ever, as nothing could top The Night Circus for me, but I promise this one comes very close.

Piecing Me Together by Renée Watson ←

This was my favorite book from the Black History Month read-a-thon, by far. I still think about it often and I wish it was for better reasons than the continued police brutality that keeps me and my loved ones on edge whenever we look at the news. It’s a reminder to listen, though, and to raise up the voices of those who desperately need to be heard.

→ Scythe by Neal Shusterman

Can I talk about structure for a second? Because this book was just absolutely A+ as far as crafting a story goes. I’ve never seen a book with more perfect pacing that kept me engaged through every twist and turn the story took. This was the first book I’ve read this year, and I aspire to write this exquisitely on my own. Also, I’m more than ready for book 2.

 A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas ←

I have a lot of thoughts about this book but for now it’s just gross, wet, loud, ugly sobbing. I’m so sad that it’s over and it was the ROUGHEST JOURNEY but things are kind of? tentatively?? okay??? goddammit I just want my sweet children to be happy, I didn’t know that would be so much to ask *goes back to crying profusely*

Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

Speaking of children who deserve a journey of growth and happiness, I honestly just finished Akata Witch a few days ago and it skyrocketed to the top of my list for 2017. Expertly crafted, this book has all of the appeal of an epic fantasy that’s set in a modern setting for young kids and adults alike. It reminded me a lot of Harry Potter, and I think it has a ton of potential to become a classic along the same vein as those magic users from 20 years ago.

 Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde ←

I ate up every single thing about this book. The representation was spot-on, relatable, heart-wrenching and so Pure and Wholesome I cried. I think this is my most recommended book of 2017; I’ve been handing it out like candy on Halloween night since I finished it.

milk and honey by Rupi Kaur

Okay, I think I cried reading at least 50% of these books (I’m very emotional) but this book really hit me because it belongs to my little sister. She NEVER reads, but found something in this book of poetry that spoke to her, and reading it from her lens made me both so proud of her and so heartbroken. It’s a remarkable and memorable book for any reader, though.

By Your Side by Kasie West ←

I wasn’t expecting to like this book so much, but the representation of generalized anxiety disorder was so spot-on that I actually started to panic a little when the MC did for the very same reasons that the MC was panicking (whoops!) and had to put the book down. It honestly felt like Kasie followed me around in order to put into words exactly what having GAD is like, and I loved feeling like I could relate to a character in a way I didn’t think I needed before.

Supermutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki

This was just straight up hilarious and my absolute favorite graphic novel of the year. It will be really hard to top this one that I read for Asian Lit Bingo and have shown to all of my best friends when we reminisce about high school and how broody and existential we were.

Dark Needs at Night’s Edge by Kresley Cole ←

LISTEN. I know. This book should be an affront to literature. But holy crap, it is singlehandedly the best paranormal romance book I’ve ever read, with a stellar slow-burn relationship and ridiculously hilarious commentary. I had TEARS in my eyes from laughing so hard. I think what really made it a top 10 book was watching my friend do a dramatic reading of this at our housewarming party, though. I’m convinced nothing will ever top that moment of pure hilarity for me for the rest of my life.

Honorable Mentions:

Monstress, vol. 1 by Marjorie Liu, Dreadnought by April Daniels, When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon, Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall, and Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson (note for this book: I am Frank Porter in every sense of the word. If you ever wondered if there was a character who was just like me, look no further). All of these had a really big impact on me at the times that I read them, but for one reason or another didn’t land in my top 10. I still highly recommend them, though — click the links provided to add them to your TBR pile!

If you’re thinking to yourself, “But DIANA, what about History Is All You Left Me? Or The Upside of Unrequited? Or Flame in the Mist? The princess saves herself in this one?? Our Dark Duet?? THE HATE U GIVE???” I 1000% believe that I’ll really enjoy all of these books and that they’ll be in my top 10 list for the second half of the year….but I haven’t read them yet! >_< Let me know if you liked them, and I promise I’ll get to them soon. Also let me know if you agree or disagree with any of the books on my list — I love hearing your thoughts! ♥

Link your own TTT in the comments below! Happy blogging!

23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books of 2017 So Far

  1. Awesome list, Diana! I have Scythe on my shelves but haven’t gotten to it yet. It’s encouraging to see that you enjoyed it so much! I love it when a book is well-structured/paced. It usually makes for a captivating story! And I’ve heard so much about Queens of Geek and By Your Side. They both sound very promising. Glad to see ACOWAR up there, as well! I thought it was a very good ending to the trilogy. Can’t wait to read the spinoffs to see how the others’ stories end 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much, Azia! Scythe felt way underrated to me, especially after how much I loved it from a writer’s perspective. I have no idea how Neal achieved it but that is my Ideal.
      There’s been a fantastic amount of A+ anxiety representation in books I’ve heard lots about lately, including Queens of Geek & By Your Side. As someone with an anxiety disorder, I feel like I seek those out more often than most because those connections make my daily life struggles feel that much more real and valid, but I’d recommend those two books to anyone – they hit all the marks for me.
      ACOWAR was the best conclusion we could have asked for, and I dearly hope that the Throne of Glass series will end on a similarly promising note. I’m glad that we have more from their respective worlds to look forward to, but satisfied that the characters I cared about so much got the ending they deserved.
      Thanks again for commenting! ❤

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah, I haven’t heard many people talking about Scythe but it’s steadily been popping up here and there recently!
        It’s wonderful that there are more books depicting individuals with different anxiety and other disorders! I’m glad you’ve found books that you can personally relate to. I haven’t read any books with characters with anxiety disorder, so those two books would be my first!
        I also hope the ToG series will end well. I’m only on the third book but I’m excited to see how the story progresses.
        No worries! ❤

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      2. I think Scythe is very underrated, but I think it might just be because of the overwhelming mass of incredibly popular new releases that have sprung up over the past 6 months. It’s easy to feel like a book was criminally overlooked when it’s naturally buried under so many other absolutely incredible releases, such as THUG and ACOWAR. I do hope more people pick it up as the hype settles, though.
        I’m so thankful and lucky to have books that I feel represent me really well. I’m trying to find more books like those that bring that feeling of validation to others who are underrepresented, and I was shocked but happily surprised to find so many blogs dedicated to reading diversely this year that are helping me find those diamonds in the rough. I really hope you like both of the books I included for the mental health rep on my list, but definitely keep an eye out for more, because there are way more of them than I ever thought there would be.
        OMG, how are you liking Heir of Fire??? It’s my favorite in the whole series still and I just love it. I could talk about it for DAYS. The whole series is a total delight. I can’t wait to see what you think of them all! ❤

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      3. I definitely agree. There have been so many anticipated books and fantastic reads lately that it’s expected for a few to be forgotten shortly after their release. I’m sure that Scythe will resurface later on to be properly appreciated. I’m aiming to read it this month! And it’s wonderful that so many bloggers have made more of an effort to find and read more diverse books 😀 I have so many to catch up on, just from these past few months!
        And I haven’t started it just yet! I think I might put it on my list this month, too. I got distracted by The Gentleman’s Guide and Now I Rise lol. I can’t wait to get started on the ToG series again, though! Crown of Midnight was amazing 😀

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    1. Oh, it is so underrated, I can’t believe how many people I know haven’t read it yet! I think you’ll really enjoy it. I know I mostly hyped up the structure, but the story itself is just mesmerizing. I cannot wait for the sequel to come out. I hope you like it! 😀

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  2. Great picks for this week Diana! 😀 The only ones on your list I’ve read myself are A Court of Wings and Ruin, which yeah is obviously amazing, I had it on my list this week as well, and By Your Side. I did enjoy By Your Side but it wasn’t my favourite book by Kasie West, and while it was a good read overall I can’t say it was my favourite of the year either. I’m really glad you were able to identify with Autumn though, connecting with characters like that is one of the best parts of reading isn’t it? 🙂
    I have Scythe on my to-read list, I’ve heard amazing things about Neal Shusterman’s books so I need to get started on this one soon. Queens of Geek and Milk and Honey are also on my TBR still, hopefully I’ll enjoy them just as much as you did! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, Beth! Did you cry at ACOWAR? Because I had to buy a second box of tissues before I finished it. I still get a little teary-eyed when I think about it, and it’s been at least 3 months since I’ve read it.
      By Your Side was my first Kasie West book, and god did I love it so much. What other books by her would you recommend? Which one was your favorite? I’d love to read some more of her books, and hopefully I’ll be able to connect with her other characters like I did with Autumn (although I’m pretty sure nothing will top that level of identifying; good lord, it felt like Kasie had followed me around to get some of those descriptions, LOL.)
      I also haven’t read any other Neal Shusterman novels, but I’m planning on picking up Unwind very soon. Queens of Geek was just a delight from start to finish and made my heart so happy, and while milk and honey made me cry a bunch, I still loved it more than words can say and I truly hope you feel the same. I can’t wait to read more from all of these authors! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s all right. 🙂 No I managed to avoid crying at ACOWAR but it was close once or twice, it was just such an emotional book. I will say I’m still not over that book either. 🙂
        Well the first book by Kasie West I read which is my favourite is P.S. I Like You so I’d definitely recommend that one, but honestly all her books are amazing so I don’t think you can go wrong whatever one you pick up. Possibly not but I’m sure there’ll be something about each character you can connect to.
        You’ll have to let me know what you think of Unwind then, I reckon you’ll probably get around to that one quicker than I do. I need to get around to both of them soon then, I feel like I’ve been saying that for a while so I actually need to now!

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  3. I had no idea that By Your Side had an MC with GAD! I’m totally going to check and see if my library has it when I go tomorrow. Piecing Me Together and Scythe are on my TBR. I actually recently won Scythe in a giveaway so hopefully I’ll be reading that sometime soon! Great list 🙂

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  4. Ohhh wowie great list! I haven’t yet come across Juliet Takes a Breath but if it can be compared to The Night Circus which I LOVED beyond all measures, then I just may be adding it to my TBR for July!
    I’m not much of a poetry reader but ever since I discovered Lang Leav’s contemporary volumes this year I’ve been trying to find more just like her and while I didn’t cry reading anything from Leav, Milk & Honey was just one fountain of tears after another! It was such an evocative collection, words can’t even describe how much it touched me.
    Thanks for sharing your bookish thoughts, I look forward to reading more of your posts soon!
    Happy Reading 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Juliet is really only a step down from The Night Circus on my list of Favorite Books Ever, so I’m glad that you’ll be adding it to your TBR!
      Lang Leav was the first contemporary poet that I ever got into, and since I started reading her work years ago when she was just on Tumblr and hadn’t yet printed Love & Misadventure, I’ve had the chance to read so many incredible poets from just the past couple of years that absolutely changed my life.
      Thank YOU for commenting! It’s so cool to see we have such similar taste! 😀

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  5. Great list! I was supposed to read Queens of Geek last month but didn’t get to it, hopefully this month though because it sounds amazing because when so many people rec a book it has to be good! I also have Monstress Vol. 1 and When Dimple Met Rishi on my TBR so I’m happy to see them in your honorable mentions! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m penning a review of Queens of Geek right now; you’ll have to check it out once you’re able to read it for yourself 😀 It sounds like you have an awesome TBR full of new releases – I hope you enjoy them all! ❤

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