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Diversity Spotlight (Fri)day: Intersectionality in Young Adult Books

Happy…Friday, hah…I THOUGHT I had this scheduled for yesterday, but APPARENTLY I did not. So, I’m posting it now anyway, but if you’re like, “Wait…this is a Thursday tag!” You’re completely right and I apologize. *shakes fist at the new, updated WordPress* For this week’s Diversity Spotlight Thursday-on-a-Friday, I wanted to highlight something that I… Continue reading Diversity Spotlight (Fri)day: Intersectionality in Young Adult Books

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November Goals & TBR

Hey bloggers, your fave tea-drinking, fast-reading, depressed Sailor Moon reincarnation is back and can’t say they’re better than ever but would certainly like to be there. I recently sat down with my sweeter-than-Georgia-peaches therapist and told her about how much I love this community, but how blogging really started to feel like a chore I… Continue reading November Goals & TBR