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What Would That Villain Read? Book Tag

Saturday, the second, snazzier Friday of the week. The day when all the fun happens, and before you know it, you’ve been at the library for four hours straight and they’re making you go home because the library is only open until 5 on the weekends, which means you can go to Target and continue reading the book you’re still waiting to receive via interlibrary loan…

At least, that’s what my Saturday is about to look like.

In the meantime, I was tagged by…a deactivated blog, apparently (aw man) to consider this timeless question: if our favorite villains could read, what books would they read?


  • Pick 5+ villains and wonder what books they are most likely to read (feel free to use Lashaan & Trang’s villains or find new ones!)
  • Nominate bloggers! As many as you want!
  • Have fun in the world of villainy! 😀

I tried to pick villains that were easily recognizable, with help from my lovely roommate Tara (you’re the real MVP) (you’re also still my roommate, even though we haven’t lived together in 2 years. I don’t make the rules) as well as books that correlated with their major themes as villainous characters. You’ll have to let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree with my choices!

Villain #1


amarantha gone girl

Amarantha is such a cruel, vindictive little witch, and I can 100% see her cold, dead heart loving the protagonist from Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. Fun fact: I’ve used all of the previous adjectives to refer to Amy Dunne. I hated her guts from minute one. If Amarantha had a modern compatriot, I believe it’d be Amy. They’re made for each other.

Villain #2

holland dorian gray

Anti-villain, thy name is Holland. While our narcissistic protagonist from The Picture of Dorian Gray is definitely not an anti-villain, I get the feeling Holland would see his own failures reflected in Dorian’s, and convince himself even more that his only redemption for everything that he’s done ends in death. My poor dramatic baby. Also, how uncanny is that hair cut. They’re like twins!

Villain #3

sebastian enders game

Sebastian Morgenstern is one rat bastard. For some reason, I felt like this twisted psychopath would be particularly entranced by Ender’s Game, especially the idea of a young boy who doesn’t quite fit in with his family being taken away and raised as the key player in a larger, over-arching plot to defeat his enemies.

Villain #4

azula and i darken

My home girl Azula would ADORE the World’s Greatest Antihero, my other home girl Lada, from Kiersten White’s And I Darken. Teen girl who takes no shit, especially not from her weak, spineless brother? CHECK. Complicated relationship with her dad? DOUBLE CHECK. Fighting a war and giving the middle finger to anyone who crosses her path, enemies OR friends? CHECK AND MATE. The love here is real, guys.

Villain #5 

pitch shadow bone

Ugh, look how good this looks. This is the best graphic I’ve ever made for this blog. Also, you cannot tell me that  Pitch and Shadow and Bone‘s The Darkling are not two strips of night ripped from the same cloak. I can almost hear Pitch reading this and just cheering loudly every time The Darkling gets what he wants with his super evil dark magic. It’s a nightmare come true.

I Tag:

Danielle / Em / Chelsea / Benni / Claire / Silvia / Ashley Rae / AtiqahLarkin

And anyone else who is interested in this tag! Thanks to all of you guys for supporting me and my blog. It means so much. ♥

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