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Top Ten Tuesday: Feeling the Contemporary Love

Happy early Valentine’s day! It’s Tuesday, so you know what Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl‘s got planned for us…another Top Ten Tuesday! This week is a Top Ten freebie (“anything about love”), so I’m using this chance to highlight some outstanding contemporary romance representation. Almost all of these are young adult, as that’s my area of expertise, but I’m throwing in some adult fiction for those of you who are past that early adulthood ride on the struggle bus. In addition, every single one of these books are written by black authors and feature black main characters, firstly because it’s Black History Month and y’all should know the drill by now, but also because contemporary is heavily dominated by white authors, especially contemporary romance, and these underrated books deserve their time to shine. If you think I missed a book that needed some highlighting, please shout out your recommendations in the comments section below! Hype me up for a season of love!

Top Ten Contemporaries With Great Romances

It took me ages to find all of these books. Please recommend me some solid contemporary romances. I need to feel the love. 

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